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Upcoming Classes

Hybrid Classroom
Summer semester
July, 2017

What is a hybrid class?
Most classes are either fully online or fully in person.  The hybrid calls combines those.  Instructions will be given in an interactive online classroom with a live teacher teaching you everything you need to know to become a successful wedding planner.  It really is the best of both worlds!

The Most Comprehensive Wedding Design, Planning and Coordination Certifications Available
Wedding Design Institute
Course Options
Wedding Planning and Design Certification Course

Hybrid Class $795
The Hybrid Classroom combines the best of both In Class and Online instruction.  Lectures and instructions are given in a virtual classroom with the instructor connecting to students via weekly Skype sessions.  Also included in the 8-10 week course, the student will experience in-person workshops and the opportunity to participate in live wedding coordinations.  All in-person activities will be local to each student. The syllabus is the same for the In Class course.

In Class $895*
(includes Day-of Coordination Experience, Vendor Introduction Mixer as well as Tablescape Design Workshop)

Some professionals are happy utilizing their organization skills to plan a wedding while letting other vendors bring the creativity to the table. Others ARE the creativity on the table! 

If you're the latter, this is your course. You'll learn the ins and outs of starting and running your business, how to move from one step to another to ensure a complete wedding plan, helping the bride find a vendue, vendors, make decisions, offer advice, organize her plan and also how to smoothly coordinate a rehearsal, ceremony and reception.  In addition to the traditional planner tasks, you'll also learn what it takes to create incredibly beautiful and innovative wedding designs. 

You'll be known for your productions which will set you apart and give you an advantage in the ever-evolving wedding planning industry. Your work will speak for itself and brides won't be able to resist your services!

Designing gives you added avenues of income, allows for more control over the outcome of your events and provides an increased level of fulfilment knowing the amazing creations that are in your portfolio are yours.
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Online ​$695**
​If you're not available for the in-class course but know this is what you're meant to do, this course is meant for you! This course uses the same material broadcast in the classroom courses. It provides step-by-step guidance through the process of planning and coordinating a wedding as well as bright, exciting visual aids to create a well-rounded learning experience. You'll also have access to all of the documentation you need to get started, including a sample contract, new client questionnaire, checklist, itinerary and much more!

Q: How long will I have to wait for a return on my investment?

A: That question has too many variables to answer directly.  For example, if you earn your certification and then do nothing with it for a year, your return will take longer than someone who jumps right in.

What I can tell you is that the average fee that a bride will pay to hire you as a Day-of Coordinator is $1000.  If you're helping them plan the entire wedding, it will range from $1500 (beginners) to $5000+.  The cost of the course is between $695-$895 so with your first client, you're making money.

*Due to the popularity and success of the Hybrid class, we are not scheduling In Class programs at this time. 
**All online classes must be completed within 9 months of enrollment.
Certification Courses
At Wedding Design Institute, we recognize you probably lead a busy life.  That's why we offer several options to help you obtain your certification and start down the road to a better career.

If there is a specific course, time or location you'd like to see on our schedule, please don't hesitate to let us know!  One of our certified instructors may be available to accommodate your needs.
Question for the Founder...

Q: What can I expect from a class with the Wedding Design Institute?

A: Great question!  

What we offer is simple...we teach you how to plan weddings. That is the single most important thing you need to be successful in this industry. 

The path to success is slower and painful if you try to figure it out on your own. Painful because your reputation is everything in this industry and if you earn a reputation of not knowing what you're doing, it takes a very long time to come back from that.  

Also, this is a bride's one and only day so you have one shot to get it right. You can't afford to learn as you go along.

There is not currently a governance of certifications in the wedding industry so any certification you get is going to be a result of that person or company saying that they are certifying that you are trained to their standards and have met their criteria to become certified. The difference is that our standards are higher.  

I have 2 certifications from other companies so I know the kind of training you're going to get and the "just for show" certificate that comes with it. I'm not satisfied charging you tuition, teaching you a few tricks and then giving you a piece of paper saying you're certified. I'm an award-winning wedding planner. I know how this is supposed to be done perfectly and I'm going to teach you how to do the same. When you get a certification from me, it is after I know you are familiar with the process enough to go out and plan a wedding and do it right.

Being trained as a wedding designer will give you a competitive edge.  To produce press-worthy events, someone needs to ensure the overall design has a cohesion and completeness to it.  That someone needs to be you.  Most classes touch on decor but don't really teach you how to design an event.  Designing an event is much more than helping a bride choose pretty flowers.  The flowers, linens, lighting, chairs, floorplan, props, table elements...they all need to be there and work together. I've studied award-winning tablescapes and broken them down to a science.  I'll share this, and much more insight and instruction, with you as a student of the Wedding Design Institute.