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Upcoming Classes

Hybrid Classroom
Summer semester
July, 2017

What is a hybrid class?
Most classes are either fully online or fully in person.  The hybrid calls combines those.  Instructions will be given in an interactive online classroom with a live teacher teaching you everything you need to know to become a successful wedding planner.  It really is the best of both worlds!

The Most Comprehensive Wedding Design, Planning and Coordination Certifications Available
Wedding Design Institute
Book More Clients
With the internet these days, anyone can create a website, print business cards and be in business.  What lets clients know you are more than a pretty website? A certification!

A certification raises your credibility to brides because they know you care enough about your services to learn how to do them properly.  When brides were polled at a January 2011 bridal show, each one agreed that if given the choice between two professionals, one with a certification and one without, they would choose the certified one.

A certification also lays a strong foundation of trust with your clients.  They assume if you took the initiative to obtain and/or continue your education and become certified, you will continue to do so to stay current on trends and be able to offer them current and modern designs.  And they would be correct!
There are over 1,000,000 new businesses started every year.  Most new business owners have the desire for more freedom and control of their finances and lives.  Mothers may have small children and want to work from home to spend more time enjoying milestones as they happen.  Retirees may need extra income to supplement their pension.  College graduates are faced with a dwindling job market.  One thing is common across the demographics...they're looking for something more.

WDI can help you accomplish something more.  Setting your own schedule and making your own money is not just a dream.  It can be a very true reality.  The wedding industry is not for every person but for those with the organizational skills, creativity and passion, you can learn what to do in a step-by-step format to open and grow a successful business.
Build Better Relationships with Industry Professionals
Some vendors are hesitant to work with designers, planners and coordinators because they've had bad experiences with inexperienced, careless individuals in the past.  By receiving a certification in your field, you're telling vendors that you hold yourself to a higher standard.  You are educated, experienced and a pleasure to work with.

A strong relationship with your vendors is key to flawless events.  Our courses take you through each vendor category, teaching you the ins and outs of interacting in their field of expertise.  You'll meet each vendor with confidence and the knowledge to develop the rapport needed to succeed in this industry.
Increase Your Current Earning Potential
It's been proven that having an industry certification increases your chance of success in most fields.  It also usually increases your earning potential.  Industry professionals such as catering managers, venue directors and floral consultants will gain useful information from a different, yet relevant, angle of the wedding industry.  This will allow you to serve your clients more thoroughly, pleasing your employer and potentially padding your pocket!

If you are currently a wedding professional, you already know that fees are set competitively for your region.  The better your education, reputation and skills, the higher your fee potential.

Some of the courses offered at WDI also touch on additional avenues of income.  Being someone already involved in the day-to-day activities of a bride, you have a target audience at your fingertips for additional services or products.
What are the benefits of WDI?
Own Your Own Business
Wedding Design Institute provides each student with the steps necessary to all but ensure success.  If you follow these steps, you should easily see a return on your investment within months of earning your certification.  Here's how:

The average fee charged by a Day-of Coordinator is $1000. The cost of the course is $595 in class/$395 online. With your first client, you will see a return on your investment plus profit!

Fees for a wedding designer/planner range from $1500 to $3500+. The cost of the course is $895 in class/$695 online. Again, with your first client, you're making money.

What other professional certification offers such a quick and enjoyable return on continuing education?
Quick Return on Your Investment