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Upcoming Classes

Hybrid Classroom
Summer semester
July, 2017

What is a hybrid class?
Most classes are either fully online or fully in person.  The hybrid calls combines those.  Instructions will be given in an interactive online classroom with a live teacher teaching you everything you need to know to become a successful wedding planner.  It really is the best of both worlds!

The Most Comprehensive Wedding Design, Planning and Coordination Certifications Available
Wedding Design Institute
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How involved do you want to be?
WDI's Certification courses not only teach the basics of planning and executing a wedding, it takes you step-by-step into what is needed to create a spectacular event that will leave your clients breathless and boost your career as you exhibit your work to future clients.  A picture is worth a thousand words and your portfolio will speak volumes.

You'll learn what elements are needed to make an impact on the overall look of an event, how to stay fresh and modern with your ideas and the do's and don'ts of wedding designing.
About Wedding Design Institute's Certification Courses
We know that every planner has a life story.  Some work fulltime jobs, some have children, some are already working on building their company and some are just not morning people.  That's why we offer options for obtaining your certification.

Choose your level of involvement offered at classes all across the country.  If you don't see your location or would like to request a specific class period, feel free to click on the "Request Info" link to the left and we may be able to accommodate your needs.​
A Fresh Start
You don't have to be a salesperson to be a successful business owner.  There is a systematic way to attract, sell and book clients that sounds simple but is extremely successful if followed.  You'll learn this system and how to customize it for your position and goals.  This short, but imperative, portion of the course will provide you with everything you need to open the proverbial (or literal) doors of your business, set your pricing, market your services and book clients.  This knowledge will give you the courage and confidence to fast-start your business and become the succesful expert that you want to be.  This topic is covered in all classes.

Confident Coordination
After learning how to get your business off the ground, we dive in with the basics of coordination.  This material will teach you how to pull off a flawless event from before rehearsal until after the last dance has ended.  A smoothly flowing wedding ceremony and reception don't just happen magically.  It takes precise planning and execution of our exclusive coordination guidelines that provide a step-by-step schedule of specific actions so that nothing is missed and you are seen as the expert that you are quickly becoming.

At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to assist in actual live wedding coordinations as an assistant.  What better way to optimize your training than to immediately apply what you've learned?  This is a benefit that only Wedding Design Institute offers at no additional charge!

Professional Planning
This portion of the course is for those seeking a Design and/or Planning certification.  After you learn how to coordinate an event, you'll learn the planning that needs to be done before the big day arrives.  Our planning formula gives you a roadmap from contract signing to day-of coordination with everything in between.  As industry experts, it is our job to know about every aspect our brides will experience.  We need to know the different styles of wedding attire, how venues differ other than simply asthetics and size, what vendor contracts should include and how to find the elements she requests.  This is what we offer at WDI, along with years of experience and guidance.

The biggest part of planning a wedding involves venues and vendors.  Knowledge of the inner workings of these two categories will allow you to pinpoint your clients' needs and provide accurate, streamlined recommendations.  You'll also know what to expect and look out for when you bring a client to meetings.  This part of the course is filled with guidance, tips and expectations that will keep you from making many common, and sometimes costly, rookie mistakes.

Vendors can either make you shine brighter or throw a storm cloud over your event.  An intimate vendor-planner relationship with quality vendors is key to being a successful planner.  As part of the classroom curriculum, you'll learn how to introduce yourself to new vendors and as an added bonus, we arrange a special meet-and-greet for you with local vendors.  You'll be able to ask questions, make connections and begin the path to being known and recognized by local industry leaders.  The connections made at Wedding Design Institute vendor mixers have helped skyrocket past graduates' careers.  This, too, is a WDI exclusive. 

Distinctive Designs​
This is where Wedding Design Institute really differs from other certification programs.  This is where we shine.  If you've chosen the Design certification course, your events will never be the same!

Chances are, you've seen weddings on television reality shows and noticed a vast difference between the wow factor of those broadcasted and the typical local wedding.  The difference is not a high-profile event planner or even a huge difference in budget in most cases.  The difference is in the design.  

Just as not all catered food is delicious and not all bands can carry a tune, not all vendors involved in the design and decor of an event are experts.  That's where you come in.  You probably already have a reputation of someone with creativity and progressive taste.  And you're probably the type of planner who isn't satisfied leaving the design of your weddings in someone else's hands.  If these things are true or if you're afraid they'll be true once you get started, then you need to take the reigns and put your name on the amazing results of your own creations!

The Design Certification course at WDI will set you apart in a very competitive industry.  Designing a wedding, even on a lower budget, is all in the details.  There are certain must-have elements that leave a gap in your design when left out.  We'll teach you the secrets of the 3L formula that will boost any wedding design.  You'll learn about space planning, tablescapes, table and coordinating linen sizes, decor options and industry insider terminology.  All you'll need once you complete this class is your own creativity!

There will be live demonstrations, numerous visual aids and at the end of the course you'll have a chance to design your own tablescape.  You'll use the knowledge and skills learned in this course to place an order for a table, chairs, linens, centerpieces, place settings and a list of accents and create a unique design.  As an added bonus, your tablescape may be chosen to be photographed by a professional photographer to start your portfolio.  

No other wedding certification course gets you up as close and personal with weddings as Wedding Design Institute!